About Tulsa creative couple

Tulsa Creative Couple is a MOM & POP operation. No, really we have recently had a child so we can be a mom and pop. Robert is the labor and Jessica is the brains, sometimes the labor too. Auggie, he just looks cute! For now, dang labor laws. We started out in a small garage in 2014 and now we are in a large garage. Making big moves! No matter our size or production, Our goal is to provide a quality product that you can be proud to display in your home or give as a gift. We sell almost exclusively to our local area. The majority of our clients are relators/lenders looking for gifts to give at closing. So if your trying to think of something creative and personable to give your clients look no further. We have stock ideas or we can look for something completely custom. Don't feel left out if your not one of these people. Maybe you will sell or buy a house (Call Jessica O'Connell - 918-313-1085, best realtor ever) and be lucky enough to receive one of your pieces for yourself. OK...ok we sell you something too. We do a large array of custom pieces from Nik-naks to custom cabinets and some furniture. If you want to know just ask! Text message, call, Facebook message don't be shy. Well this is a lot of words...Words are hard.....time for me to go pick up a hammer. xoxo